Sunday, March 2, 2008

for the sake of exposure...

it's interesting the things that you end up doing for the sake of exposure as an artist.

case in point, shooting for a student fashion mag.

i shoot for the University of Delaware's fashion mag, UDress, on occasion. no pay, but it's worth the exposure.

unfortunately, i have to shoot things that i really don't care at all about and with restrictions that really limit what i can do. 

that being said, it's a good exercise in finding ways to put your voice, or your vision, to work in new ways. 

i typically shoot fine art and portraits. from what people have told me, i have a very definite identifiable style.

if i can get someone to look at my work in UDress, say a shoot about shoes or a handbag, and recognize it immediately as my work, then i'm doing something right. even if it's not what i want to be doing, there's some value in it.

anyway, the shoot i was supposed to do today fell through because of scheduling conflicts, which gives me more time to develop ideas.

i should have some very interesting work up in the next week or so. 

in the meantime, be on the lookout for the new issue of UDress in april or may. 

and check out a couple of my favorite portrait photographers of the moment:


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the alternative intern said...

oh my dear, it will be available in april. and again, i appreciate that you came forward for the magazine and have carried it as far as you had.
where would we be without your influence?
a scary thought...